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All purchases of CMS IntelliCAD STD and PRO editions offer FREE Technical Support for installation and registration. Outdated licenses are not supported. An Extended Technical Support option is available at the web store, HERE >
One year support pack purchases are required to support more than 2 license reactivation's per year of license use or to support license reactivation's that have not been previously deactivated.
Need to transfer your current license to a new machine? License deactivation is required.

CMS intelliCAD 8 license deactivation instructions > DOWNLOAD

Older versions:
7.2 versions: DOWNLOAD
7.x versions: DOWNLOAD
6.6 versions: DOWNLOAD

Not able to deactivate the license: Purchase a support pack here>

CMS IntelliCAD end user license agreement (EULA). Latest update: DOWNLOAD

Found an issue when running the new v7.0? Use the NEW built in feedback form on CMS IntelliCAD MENU>HELP>Send Feedback...

CMS IntelliCAD 7 Feedback Form

If you are not using the latest CMS IntelliCAD software version, we encourage you to update or upgrade your software at our web store.

Looking for FREE technical support?
Register or sign in to the CMS IntelliCAD Support Forum.
If you would like to share experiences or search our Q&A forum database, you are free to create an account/login in to CMS IntelliCAD web forum:

Looking for CMS DEDICATED technical support?
One year support pack purchase is required. Purchase a support pack at:

MPORTANT: When contacting CMS for support (EMAIL ONLY), please state your CMS IntelliCAD license ID number and e-mail address. Use the following e-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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