What's new in CMS IntelliCAD 9.2

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CMS IntelliCAD® 9.2 is a major release that, again, includes many new features and improvements with useful & high value.

IntelliCAD 9.2 is a major release that includes many new features and improvements including: import and export IGES and STEP format files (for Premium Edition Plus - PE Plus), delete and combine duplicate or overlapping entities using the Overkill command, use right-to-left fonts, choose from additional list types for multiline text, undo or redo a selected range of actions, thicken surfacesand meshes to convert them to three-dimensional solids (for Premium Edition Plus - PE Plus), and publish a drawing to the newly supported .dwf/.dwfx published format. You can also set up automatic publishing to create .pdf, .dwf, or .dwfx files when you save or close a drawing.

CMS IntelliCAD 9.2 is also able to import vectored PDF files for direct editing through the IMPORT command.

Selection includes a collection of new features. The new Selection Filter pane, similar to the Properties pane, displays all entities in a drawing and allows you to filter and select entities by layer, color, entity type, and linetype. Polygons, rectangles, and break lines have additional grips and properties for smart editing, and selection cycling is available which makes it easier to select entities that overlap.

CMS IntelliCAD provides extended features that work with BIM files, add elevation and section lines to models; draw curtain walls; draw detailing elements for wood, studs, joists, and track; and convert two-dimensional entities to walls and slabs.

Technical users will also appreciate the new .NET wrappers for architectural objects.

CMS IntelliCAD 9.2 is supported on Microsoft® Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (64-bit only). ETOOLBOX Mobile CAD Viewer versions are available for Windows desktop and Google Android.

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