Tuesday, 01 September 2015 11:37

New Windows 10 and CMS IntelliCAD CAD Software

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July 29th, 2015 - Burleson, Texas, USA.  Microsoft Corporation has just released the new Windows 10 Operating system and has started to roll out free opt-in upgrades on some Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 machines.


Important information to CMS IntelliCAD licensed Users:

Prior Standalone versions to CMS IntelliCAD 8.0 CAD Software were NOT built for the new Microsoft Windows 10 and therefore are not supported on Windows 10 and all future operating system versions. Users running outdated standalone CMS IntelliCAD 7.x, 6.x, 5.x and all older versions will need an upgrade to CMS IntelliCAD 8.x in order to run IntelliCAD on Windows 10.
Users are able to upgrade CMS IntelliCAD at our online store upgrades section of http://intellicadms.com

Additional information on Windows 10 updates: CMS IntelliCAD 8.1 licenses and prior versions are not compatible with Windows 10 update developments. We highly recommend users to maintain their license using the latest CMS IntelliCAD version