Tool Palettes, Walls, Doors, Windows & Slabs

Tool Palettes

New Tool Palettes now comes with CMS IntelliCAD® 9.x PE and PE Plus software. Tool palettes feature provides a combined method for accessing tools. By merging toolbars and ribbons concepts, users can quickly access drawing, editing and exploring tools. Palettes categories can also be expanded or customized making it much easier to manage and custom. CMS IntelliCAD allow users to dock and auto-hide tool palettes.

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Walls, Windows, Doors, Openings, Stairs, Railings, Slabs and Steel (2D and 3D shapes)

Additionally, only included in the CMS IntelliCAD PE PLUS tool palettes, users can draw an extended variety of AEC entities such as walls, doors, windows, stairs, railings and steel sections. Users can also reach the additional AEC entities at the DRAW Ribbon tab.

DRAW Ribbon tab

Walls Doors Windows Stairs Railings Steel