What's new in CMS IntelliCAD 10.0

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CMS IntelliCAD 10 User Interface

CMS IntelliCAD® 10 CAD Software is a major release providing new features and improvements. Free use for 60 days.

What's new:

a) OpenGL ES graphics device is now supported for enhanced display quality and performance, which also includes new visual styles;
b) new materials library contains materials that can be assigned to entities and layers and then displayed with visual styles;
c) Spot and point lights now display in-program with visual styles;
d) Redesigned View Manager has more options available;
e) New dynamic input incorporates command prompts and measurement guides at the cursor;
f) New properties are available for various entity types in the Properties pane;
g) New ability to view properties of custom entities;
h) CMS IntelliCAD 10 also includes the ability to migrate user interface customizations from previous versions;
i) CMS IntelliCAD 10 incorporates ODA SDKs version 2020 Update 2 and enhanced .NET and IRX functionality for increased API capabilities;

Other improvements and fixes are found in performance, working with files, editing and selecting entities, text, printing, and more.