QuoteCAD Manufacturing

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QuoteCAD™ Manufacturing is the smartest choice for small businesses that require the basic and integrated functions of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System. QuoteCAD™ Manufacturing provides out-of-the-box, base functions for business areas such as Manufacturing, Customer Relationship Management and Supplier Chain Management.

Both economical, and user friendly, QuoteCAD™ Manufacturing has the lowest learning curve, and it does not require a high degree of customization as found in the majority of existing ERP solutions. Typical ERP implementation projects for enterprises can consumes months, requires a consulting team, and usually requires changes to existing business processes. QuoteCAD™ Manufacturing already fits the basic requirements for small businesses and requires minimal additional setup time.

QuoteCAD™ Manufacturing development continues, and the next version will support third-party built-in applications that will expand QuoteCAD™ software features. QuoteCAD™ Manufacturing will grow along your business. Future releases will be made available through an upgrade purchase.

QuoteCAD Manufacturing software is divided in 2 main installer files. The main QuoteCAD application installer file and the QuoteCAD Database SQL server installer.
QuoteCAD Manufacturing needs to be installed on the user machine. It cannot be installed on a server and deployed over the network.
QuoteCAD database SQL server can be installed as standalone or on a LAN windows server or machine and therefore centralizing database information. Installer file includes a sample products database as assistant tutorial, that can easily be deleted as well.

QuoteCAD Manufacturing can be used as a time-limited trial. If you have already purchased a license, please refer to the “QuoteCAD Registration Instructions” for additional information. These instructions are available at the DOWNLOAD section of this website.

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QuoteCAD™ Manufacturing User Interface

QuoteCAD Main user Interface

What does QuoteCAD™ Manufacturing provide?

  • Access control - Management of user privileges for various processes
  • Custom product structures based on sub-products, components and services assemblies, in-house built or supplied by multiple vendors.
  • Import components data from external sources as *.csv file.
  • Link extra information with products, components or services, like CAD drawings, datasheets, images or catalogs.
  • Clean and transparent drag and drop simple working operations.
  • Multiple price configuration levels.
  • Multiple customer and vendor management.
  • Custom reports (quotes, orders, Bill of materials).
  • Highly customized and easy to use product and quote items (taxes, discounts, shipping prices, etc.).
  • Multiple document interface - MDI.
  • Products groups and nested products in price quotes.
  • Secondary currency in price quotes.
  • Visual real-time calculation of the stock quantities, considering pending orders in to calculations.
  • Visual warnings of stock status.
  • Customer Orders and Purchase orders (products or parts) management.
  • Bill of Materials.
  • Stock Management, products and parts real-time inventory.
  • Instructions manual, online tutorials and online bug reporting system.
  • Multi-Language support: EN, FR, DE, ES, IT, PT, PL, JP, ZH-Hans.
  • Supported OS: Windows XP / VISTA / 7 / 8.x / 10 | 32-bit & 64-bit | HD 335Mb | RAM 120MB

QuoteCAD™ Manufacturing DataBase Manager User Interface

QuoteCAD Database Manager user Interface